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Universidade do Cavalo, Sorocaba, Brasil 2011
Brasil Horses INside OUtExactly a year after the last visit, it was great to go back again - so many familiar and welcoming faces, but also many new people. This year the clinic was 2 days of Pilates, Stretching and Massage for Horses.  It was fantastic to have the time to thoroughly explain all the principals and anatomy behind the exercises and all the people on the course thoroughly enjoyed it. Early each morning 5.30am I started painting horses with the help of several keen students from the University. For me 5.30 am was not a problem, due to the 5 hour time difference!
The theory and practical sections on the first day, all about the skeleton and palpation of bony landmarks, prepared the delegates well to paint horses on Sunday morning. Despite being an optional session starting at 7am nearly all of the delegates got involved, we all had such fun and the results were seriously impressive!
The idea of this course was to really give the students enough background knowledge to be able to use the practical exercises and techniques effectively. It was a good mix of hands-on sessions, practical demonstrations and theory sessions using the painted horses and video based lectures. It was also great to see the response to my new video footage and pictures taken so far this year!
There were several changes at the Universidade do Cavalo since August 2010; progress has definitively been made! There are now 65 horses at the University and new buildings. But some things most definitely haven’t changed, the atmosphere, hospitality and they still serve cake for breakfast (proper chocolate cake with a rich gooey chocolate topping on Saturday morning and a saturated lemon cake with butter icing on Sunday morning!). I really think this ought to catch on in England!!!
This year has been a flying visit; arriving on Friday “recovering from jet lag” and presenting the course on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Plans for next year are already a foot and I look forward to planning another different 2 day course and returning to the Universidade do Cavalo  in 2012!
gILLIAN Higgins HIO brasilpainted horseGillian Higgins painting horses


at the
Universidade do Cavalo, Sorocaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil

HIO Brazil =After a rather circuitous route (involving arriving at Heathrow 12 hours early for our flight!) David and I arrived at Sao Paulo at 6.30am right in the middle of their morning rush hour. The journey to the University showed us just how populous and hectic Sao Paulo city was – buildings on top of one another, cyclists on dual carriage ways, crazy motorbikes zipping through the heavy traffic! The Universidade do Cavalo was a haven of peace by comparison! We were met by our hosts Aluisio and Paula, and straight away introduced to Brazilian Tea and Coffee – exceedingly strong!

HIO Brazil =HIO Brazil =Sugar cane is farmed in huge quantities and we quickly learnt that sugar is a key component of all food and drink over here! During our trip we even tried their sugar cane drink – a greeny brown liquid squeezed from fresh canes and chewed on sugar canes when cattle ranching on horseback!

We had three days before the clinic to work the horses, prepare and experience a little Brazilian culture. I have never had so many new taste experiences and new foods in such a short space of time. For breakfast cake was on the menu. Tea, coffee and hot milk were left heating on a wood burning range all day. A Mother of all bunches of fresh bananas was hung up for all to pick at will. One thing I have learnt...Brazilian’s will never go hungry with so many different fruits, nuts and beans growing everywhere!

HIO Brazil =Lunch time in Brazil is a big affair with a great variety of dishes being offered and 2 hours given to digest and sleep off all the food. The evening meal, usually around a huge open fire, was supposedly a smaller meal but there was such variety! Every meal at the Universidade do Cavalo seemed to be a social affair – it always felt like a party.

HIO Brazil =The actual Horses Inside Out two day Clinic was a real success. Comprehensive, hard work but great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it. All the students from Universidade do Cavalo were so enthusiastic, dedicated and hard working. It was refreshing to work with such genuine people. We started painting at 5am on Saturday morning and to my surprise all the students and many of the visitors were up at that time to watch and help with the painting. It was great to have so many helpers and we painted the three horses in record time!

HIO Brazil =It took me a while to get used to having an interpreter, but Claudia was fantastic. I had pause after very point to give her time to repeat my sentences. This felt rather slow to start off with but after a while I realised, having to pause really gave me time think about the best way to communicate the information and it gave the audience a greater opportunity to absorb the information. I am sure those of you who have been to a Horses Inside Out Lecture demonstration, can appreciate that there is a lot to take in!! HIO in Brazil

HIO Brazil =The movement and jumping sessions were a great hit. The horses really performed and demonstrated the principals beautifully. Our rider for the weekend, Paula rode and jumped really well. Muito Bonn Paula!

The Pilates exercises went down really well. Something completely new and different! Everyone really got stuck in having a go during the practical. We used fresh alfa alfa instead of carrots and the horses were just going crazy for it!I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Universidade do Cavalo. I was so impressed by their philosophy, dedication, attention to detail and by the way they worked their horses.

HIO Team Brazil

Everyone was so welcoming, friendly and helpful. There was a great feeling of comeraderie and the atmosphere was fantastic. An inspiring experience!

Muito Obrigada a Aluisio ana Paula, Claudia, Paula que Montou Landherr e a Equipe U. C.!



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