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Anatomy and Biomechanics for Saddlers Report

March 2016 - Practical Anatomy and Biomechanics Course for Saddlers and Saddle Fitters

Saddlers anatomyOn 11th and 12th March 2016, 27 saddlers and saddle fitter gathered at Derby College for the second Horses Inside Out anatomy and biomechanics Saddler and Saddle Fitters two day course. The course covered the practical aspects of applied biomechanics and anatomical principles of movement related to the horse’sSaddle fitting back. It took an in depth look at structure and function and related it to way of going and saddle fit. The course was illustrated with illuminating dissection photographs and wonderful slow motion video of painted horses showing exactly what happens under the skin. A varied selection of horses was provided by the college to contrast and compare movement and enable delegates to look at common back problems experienced by horses. The course was also attended by master saddlers Laurence Pearman and Andy Wheals who were able to answer questions more directly concerned with saddle fit. ,
This feed back sums up the course:
Biomechanics saddlesI thoroughly enjoyed your course - both from a saddle fitter's viewpoint and as a horse owner and rider. You are a very inspiring and enthusiastic teacher! You're depth of knowledge for the subject shines through. You explained the biomechanics like systems in such a clear understandable way - clearer than any other explanation I've been given or shown.The main underlying theme for me was that if we want to ride horses we need to be proactive about strengthening their bodies to enable them to carry us and stay healthy into old age. This is our duty of car to them. And just riding them isn't enough – we need to exercise their bodies from the ground.Things I found useful:
Clear explanations of skeletal and muscle form and function;Your paintings on the horses and the associated videos ssaddlrs coursehowing how the movement is linked to skeletal and muscle form; Palpating exercises to understand better when there is an abnormality or pain; Looking at and interpreting gait abnormalities.All the practical sessions. My overarching aim in my work as a saddle fitter is to "Do no harm" and to maintain and promote the horses health and happiness". To do that I need to understand better what he is showing me through his actions and his body.

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