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HORSES INSIDE OUT is based at Wavendon Grange, Old Dalby, Leicestershire set in the quiet and relaxing countryside on the edge of the
Vale of Belvoir.


Horses Inside Out

Our Educational Aims:

To provide a welcoming, quiet, relaxing, inspiring and comfortable environment for both horse, rider, equestrian professional or amateur to learn, improve and thrive and to demonstrate some of our ideals.


Wavendon GrangeOur Equine Management Aims:

• To keep, manage and train our horses in a natural, sociable, stressfree and sustainable way, that helps maintain and improve mobility, core stability, proprioception, comfort, wellbeing, posture and performance.

Freddie and Arty

• For our horses to have freedom to move and choose where they want to be. They are given access to multiple areas including the yard, ménage, stables and fields. Our management system is based on a combination of the Swiss inside-outside living arrangement and the equicentral system.Pilates



Wavendon Grange• Core stability, Posture and Prooprioception are key values for us. The horses perform my ‘Pilates for Horses’ Exercises daily and we have a proprioceptive walkway.


• To have a varied mix of grasses and herbs available for the horse to pick from and to encourage biodiversity.

Field Management


• To sustainably manage our pasture only using natural and organic fertilisers and no artificial chemicals!


Services Offered at Wavendon Grange:

Personal Courses

Courses tailored to your personal and professional needs

We are now able to offer courses for individuals and small groups for whatever aspect of equine anatomy, biomechanics or therapy you are interested in learning about. More details…

Musculoskeletal Assessments, Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation

Bring your horse for a private consultation. Following a detailed examination of your horse including seeing him lunged and ridden if appropriate I use an extensive toolbox of techniques to give your horse the best possible chance of attaining and maintaining optimum posture and physical condition. I will demonstrate a range of techniques and exercises to target the needs of your horse and give you a written 4-week exercise plan. More details...


Private Coaching - Training from the Anatomical Perspective

As an Anatomist, Therapist and BHS Senior Coach, Gillian offers individual sessions helping you to get the best for yourself and your horse. Core Stability, Proprioception, Suppleness, Posture and Pilates for Horses Classes. Bring your own horse for a gym class session! These can be either in hand or ridden.

Courses at Wavendon Grange:

More courses to be arranged so watch this space!

Where to Find Us:
Wavendon Grange Wavendon Grange,
Lawn Lane,
Old Dalby,
Melton Mowbray,
LE14 3LW

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