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Dr Andrew Hemmings' Forward to Horse Anatomy for Performance:

Fifty million years of evolution shaped the equine form to perfectly fulfil its biological function within a challenging ecological niche. On that basis the domestic horse is well equipped as a herd dwelling herbivore, able to survive on poor quality forage, with sufficient athleticism to outwit its prey. If we are to harness these attributes for leisure or competition purposes, horse keepers should gain a full appreciation of the various equine biological systems, and how they work in concert to maintain optimal health status. Previous books by Gillian have focussed primarily on anatomical characteristics of the musculoskeletal system.  This most recent offering extends that information and also does considerably more. The 11 body system of the horse and their interactions are presented, in such a manner that always considers practical management and welfare applications. Furthermore, the beauty of the equine form, is once more illuminated and celebrated by Gillian’s excellent painted horse illustrations. Indeed, it is a rare occurrence to find pleasing aesthetics and sound biological information in a single text.  As such this most recent offering most certainly constitutes a logical progression for the Horses Inside Out concept.

Andrew Hemmings

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Horse anatomy for Performance

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