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Applied Anatomy and Biomechanics Coure Report

October 2013

Biomechanics CourseFor this Autumn’s Biomechanics Course we returned to Moulton College in Northampton. This a fabulous modern venue with wonderful facilities and a real variety of horses. I always think it’s interesting to look at the demographics of the group. Out of the 30 people who attended, 10 had travelled from Northern Europe, 2 from Southern Spain, 1 from Scotland and the remainder from England. Horses Inside Out courses are definitely becoming well known throughout the world!

Another interesting statistic was that everyone was a rider and all but 4 worked with horses as therapists, dentists, coaches or saddlers. With such a mix of interesting open minded people, it was an interesting and thought provoking weekend.

horse biomechanicsEquine biomechanics is a wide subject and many interpretations can be put on the term. I look at and analyse the anatomical biomechanics of movement and focus on how this can can be useful to riders, saddlers therapists and other equine professionals.

Over the summer, the Horses Inside Out team had been hard at work gathering new material for the video talks. This resulted in much unseen footage showing horses using themselves in all sorts of different ways. I particularly like to consider the posture of the horse and compare stability, strength and suppleness.

On Saturday we looked at the spinal and appendicular biomechanics, posture and the effect of riding, movement and jumping. Sunday focussed on a comparison of 3 very different horses and riders. We looked at a young very green event horse, an older all rounder and a very enthusiastic and beautiful welsh cob. We also looked at and compared the conformation an range of movement of 8 college horses ranging from a 14 hand pony to a 16.2 heavy draught horse.

Horse Aqua TreadmillHorse swimmingThe group were also treated at a tour of the veterinary therapy centre where Jenni Stephens the resident therapist, gave us a demonstration of a horse swimming and using the water treadmill. Fascinating to learn more about this type of therapy. One interesting fact is that one of the first horses to benefit from water strengthening exercise was Red Rum who did much of his training on the beach at Southport.

After such a successful weekend we have already rebooked Moulton for October 2014!Horse Bones


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