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WEG 2014

World Equestrian Games, Caen, Normandy 2014

Travelling abroad is always exciting. More so when the journey begins on a ferry, and even more so in anticipation of presenting several demonstrations at the FEI Alltech Equestrian Games (WEG). We were very pleasantly surprised at the décor on the ferry with bronze sculptures in the foyer and horsey pictures adorning the walls.

We were determined to get a real flavour of France as well so were delighted when the first night was spent in a traditional Logis complete with winding stone stairs and quaint nooks and crannies. Breakfast in the local tabac opposite then off to The Games!

A morning of preparation was followed by an afternoon of show jumping courtesy of Alltech in their hospitality box overlooking the main arena. A wonderful opportunity for David to hone his photographic skills and Gillian to study the biomechanics of professional show jumping horses.

Horses Inside Out at WEGFor the first talk, dynamic digestion was in Horses Inside Out at WEGthe menu. The digestive system was depicted on the side of 2 lovely grey horses. The audience was very mixed, as you would expect at such a large eventso the focus of the taljk was to deliver 5 top tips for healthy digestive system! 1. Feed off the floor.
2. Feed a handful of chaff before exercise to lessen the risk of ulcers. (This stops the stomach acid splashing up onto the unprotected section of the stomach.
3. Look after your horse’s posture as it’s the spine that supports the weight of the digestive system.
4. Feed a broad based supplement to look after the friendly bacteria in the hind gut. They’re responsible for digesting cellulose – something we humans can’t do.
5.  Feed a high fibre diet. Horses Inside Out at WEG

Dressage dissected was the next topic. After a morning of painting in the enormous barn which housed horses of all sizes, donkeys mules and a Zorse, our 2 magnificent models danced their way through a series of beautifully executed moves. Horses Inside Out at WEG

In both the dressage and jumping demonstrations the aim was to show progression and illustrate how to train horses anatomically from a basic to to advanced level. The dressage horses showed all gaits, transitions, bend, flying changes passage and pirouettes. They ended with a wonderfully executed pas de deux to music.

The gymnastic jumping demonstration was a fitting finale to an excellent few days with the horses and riders showing how to progress from pole work, bounces, upright and spread fences, short and long distances,  through to a whole course.

Horses Inside Out at WEGHorses Inside Out at WEG 2014Horses Inside Out at WEG

Our few days at the games ended with the show jumping final in the main arena. This exciting competition was deservedly won by the Dutch rider Jeroen Dubbeldam. This competition involved each riding their own and those of the 3 other4 finalists.Horses Inside Out at WEG 2014


As the Games drew to a close FEI President HRH Princess Haya,
presented the official flag to Pauline Quinlan, Mayor of Bromont
in anticipation of the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games.
I hope we are there!



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