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Hartpury College, Hartpury House, Hartpury, Gloucester GL19 3BE

Led By Gillian Higgins, Linda Greening and Kirsty Lesniak

These hands-on day courses offer an insight into the anatomy of the horse and provide a rare and invaluable opportunity to look at the structures we influence by training and therapy. Linda Greening and Kirsty Lesniak are Lecturers in Equine Science at Hartpury College.

The Head and Neck dissection will look at aspects of the head and poll area including the mouth, teeth, hyoid apparatus, the musculature of the jaw and the TMJ. An examination of the brain will also examine behaviour patterns and how malfunction can give rise to repetitive stereotypic behaviours such as crib-biting and weaving. It can also explain responses to outside stimuli - of real interest to both therapists and riders. This dissection will also look at the musculature of the head, neck and poll.

The Spine dissection will focus on joint mechanics from the poll to the tail. Gillian will look at the spinal ligaments and musculature and their effect on movement, performance and posture.

The Forelimb will include the skeletal and musculature from the shoulder. The dissection will include scapula, the stay apparatus of the forelimb and some of the thoracic sling muscles.

The Hindlimb will include the entire limb from the pelvis enabling an in depth study of the superficial and deep muscles of the hind quarters, the stay apparatus, and the joints in the hind leg including the sacroiliac Joint. It will also include the tendons and ligaments of the lower leg and the hoof.



Saturday 15th November 2014 Full
: Spine
Saturday 24th January 2015
: Head and Neck
Saturday 14th March 2015
: The Limbs
09.00 Registration    
09.30 Introductions and Explanations    
10.30 Practical Sessions  
12.30 Working Lunch    

Practical Sessions


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Please Note:

  • Certificates of Participation suitable for CPD will be issued.
  • Disposable gloves and lab coats will be provided.
  • Tea and Coffee will be available throughout the day from the college canteen.
  • Lunch is available from the college or bring your own.
  • Directions and a location map will be sent with your receipt.
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These courses are popular and places are limited so book early.

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Ticket Prices:

Course Fee:       £175.00 +  £35  VAT  =  £210

If paying by cheque, we are happy to take two equal cheques for these courses,
the second, sent with the first and dated one month prior the chosen course.

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