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Ellie Harrison Gillian HigginsDecember 2016

Horses Inside Out on BBC Countryfile's Boxing Day Special

So pleased to be back on the BBC! If you missed this episode of Countryfile featuring Gillian and Horses Inside Out it is available on BBC iPlayer until 31st January!


INvisible HorseNovember 2016

The painted pony trail raised a total of £41,000 for World Horse Welfare following the Auction at the BT Tower in London on 4th November. Gillian's anatomically painted pony raised £2,600 for the invisible horse campaign.

October 2016 - Elephant Inside Out

Following the auction at the Crucible in Sheffield, Gillian's anatomically painted elephant riased £6,000 for the Children's Hospital Charity as part of the herd of sheffield stampeed project!


June 2016 Blog
artyI can’t believe it’s mid summer already. And, with all the rain we have had here in the Midlands it certainly doesn’t feel like it! It’s been as hard keeping Freddie clean in May and June as it was in November and December. My new horse Arty is coming on in leaps and bounds - quite literally at times as he seems to adore jumping and as such a gangly youngster is amazingly nimble!

With regards to our programme we have been, as usual, priviledged to visit some lovely places, and Electrotherapymet some wonderful horses and fantastic people all of whom have the best British Horse Societyinterest of the welfare of their horses at heart. Following our electrotherapy course for therapists, (Dr Tim Watson is actually speaking at Conference 2017 so that will be another opportunity toTrent Park Equestrian centre hear him).
I gave an evening live horse demonstration for the BHS at Rodbaston College, a video based talk at Abbotts Bromley school, a two day seminar in Switzerland (I just love their approach to caring for their horses) a demonstration at Trent EC north London – fascinating to visit an inner city riding school, another at Askham Bryan College and yet Tannoch Stablesanother evening demonstration this time at the award winning Tannoch Stables near Glasgow with a ‘paint a pony’ children’s course the next morning. (Paint everywhere but lots of fun and learning).

Evolution Farm Vets

The Barn Equine VetsWe have given two vet client evenings one for Barn Equine in the New Forest and one for Evolution Farm vets near Bridgewater. We love doing these!

Another highlight was the Massage and Stretching course for horse owners – their horses that is – not themselves!! This was well oversubscribed but we will be doing more.

World Horse Welfare

Badminton was great fun and it was nice to see my model horse in situ on the World Horse Welfare pony trail. On the subject of animal models, I have actually painted a 4 foot model elephant with his insides depicted on his outside. This is sponsored by B. Braun Medical Ltd in aid of Sheffield children’s hospital so if you happen to live in or around Sheffield you may see him. Let me know if you do!!

Royal Veterinary College LondonDavid and I had a wonderful day out in london where we visited the RVC anatomy department. What wonderful work they do there. I am now just off to the ISES conference in Samur – can’t wait. Plenty more to come in the next half of the year. Look out for our open days in July. It would be great to see you.

May 2016

New video released and produced with Cosequin Equine.
Watch to learn top tips for maintaining musculoskeletal heatlh!
Please share.


Equine TherapyApril 2016 - Horses Inside Out Australian Tour

Enhancing Equine Therapy Technique Courses for Professional Therapists went down well at the State Equestrian Centre in Perth, Western Australia.

Many thanks to Jessica Blackwell from Equestricare
and the Equine Therapies Association of Australia.

April 2016 - Horses Inside Out Australian Tour

The Horses Inside Out Tour of Australi starts well with a video based talk and an Anatomical Painting and Pilates workshop at the State Equestrian Centre, Perth, Western Australia. Great fun had by all.

workshophorse skeelton educationtrotting skeleton


March 2016 - Raising Awareness working with World Horse WelfareINvisible Horse

World Horse WelfareThis horse is one of many who will be joining a trail of painted horse sculptures at the 2016 Badminton Horse Trials as part of World Horse Welfare’s campaign to raise awareness for the plight of horses everywhere. From the horses left suffering for weeks on end, to those working many hours every day on the streets of Choluteca in Honduras or Cape Town in South Africa, to those transported long distances across borders to uncertain futures and those who sadly are sometimes found too late. The focus this year is on foals, rescue and rehoming, working horses around the world and campaigning to improve laws to protect horses

Anatomy Equine

May was created by sculptor and designer, Judy Boyt and this one has been painted by Gillian in her own signature style emphasising the fact that, ‘Understanding Anatomy can Improve Performance, Training, Management, Welfare and Reduce the Risk of Injury. The horses will be auctioned off in the autumn, the proceeds going to the charity.

Read more about the project here

March 2016 - Practical Anatomy and Biomechanics Course for Saddlers and Saddle Fitters

Saddlers anatomyOn 11th and 12th March 2016, 27 saddlers and saddle fitter gathered at Derby College for the second Horses Inside Out anatomy and biomechanics Saddler and Saddle Fitters two day course. The course covered the practical aspects of applied biomechanics and anatomical principles of movement related to the horse’sSaddle fitting back. It took an in depth look at structure and function and related it to way of going and saddle fit. The course was illustrated with illuminating dissection photographs and wonderful slow motion video of painted horses showing exactly what happens under the skin. A varied selection of horses was provided by the college to contrast and compare movement and enable delegates to look at common back problems experienced by horses. The course was also attended by master saddlers Laurence Pearman and Andy Wheals who were able to answer questions more directly concerned with saddle fit. ,
This feed back sums up the course:
Biomechanics saddlesI thoroughly enjoyed your course - both from a saddle fitter's viewpoint and as a horse owner and rider. You are a very inspiring and enthusiastic teacher! You're depth of knowledge for the subject shines through. You explained the biomechanics like systems in such a clear understandable way - clearer than any other explanation I've been given or shown.The main underlying theme for me was that if we want to ride horses we need to be proactive about strengthening their bodies to enable them to carry us and stay healthy into old age. This is our duty of car to them. And just riding them isn't enough – we need to exercise their bodies from the ground.Things I found useful:
Clear explanations of skeletal and muscle form and function;Your paintings on the horses and the associated videos ssaddlrs coursehowing how the movement is linked to skeletal and muscle form; Palpating exercises to understand better when there is an abnormality or pain; Looking at and interpreting gait abnormalities.All the practical sessions. My overarching aim in my work as a saddle fitter is to "Do no harm" and to maintain and promote the horses health and happiness". To do that I need to understand better what he is showing me through his actions and his body.

Annual ConferenceFebruary 2016 - Backs, Balance and Biomechanics Conference

Read all about our conference Here

Report by Stephanie Martin

Photographs by Helen Richmond


February 2016 - Coming Soon


Gillian has created a number of prints and anatomical drawings these will be launched at the conference.

Coming soon to our online shop.

January 2016 - Creating "Leonardo" A work in ProgressAnatomical horseSkeleton


Gillian paints a life-size model foal with the immature skeleton showing growth plates, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and parts of the digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.


Hock anatomyAptly named after Leonardo Da Vinci. As well as being one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance, Da Vinci was also a pioneer in the understanding of anatomy. Sadly he died before his ground-breaking work was published. His treatise was subsequently lost until it was rediscovered 400 years later!!Leonardo

In addition to live horses Gillian Higgins has recently completed several pieces of anatomical artwork. These pieces are suitable for advertising, marketing, attracting attention or simply to enjoy.

For more information, to a comission quote or hire an anatomical model contact Gillian directly on:+44(0)1159212648 or email


horse skeletonJanuary 2016

How Your Horse Moves is published in Japanese!!



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