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All the painting and artwork is done by Gillian Higgins. Copyright 2013.

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Gillian with Freddie
Gillian Higgins and Freddie Fox

Lillian with Siglavy Cimbola
The Levade during a demonstration in South Africa


Equine Skeleton
The Skeleton

Gillian Presenting at the Global Dressage Forum


Trot Biomechanics
Studying Movement

Jumping Demonstration at Royal Dublin Horse Show


Universidade do Cavalo, Brazil 2010

Interview for STV
Universidade do Cavalo, Brazil 2010

Gillian explains pelvic movement

South Africa 2010

Loose jumping Skeleton
Loose Jumping Demonstration

Liza Gills and Freddie
Gillian and David with Lisa Tarbuck,
BBC TV Studios, London

Skeleton jumping

Biomechanics of Jumping


Guido RockingHorseProductions
Filming for the Horses Inside Out DVD
with Rocking Horse Stunt Team


Mary Wanless with Gillian photo by Dido Fisher

Lecture Demonstration with Mary Wanless 2009
Body Suit also used in Horses Inside Out The DVD!


Tendons and ligaments of the lower leg

Forelimb suspension system
Anatomy Poster Book Volume 1

Fjord Pony Jumping

Fjord Pony, Demonstration in Denmark

Equine Digestive System

Mare in Foal Lecture
as Part of a Reproductive Course, South Africa 2012

Gilliam Higgins

Equitana Germany, 2013


HIO in Qatar
Ready for Demonstration
Al Shaqab, Qatar

Winter Equestrian Festival
Gillian busy painting, preparing for a Demo
Winter Equestrian Festival, Wellington, Florida


Wellington Dressage Summit
Demo at the Dressage Summit, Weelington, Florida

Grand Prix Dressage
Demo at the Dressage Summit, Weelington, Florida


Jumping during a demonstration
at the Grand Prix, Winter Equestrian Festival, Florida

Winter Equestrian FestivalRidden demonstration at the Winter Equestrian Festival, West Palm Beach, Florida


Gillian Higgins Equitana
Equitana, Germany 2013

Part of the Peripheral Nervous System
Anatomy Poster Book Volume 2


Gillian Higgins Engagement
Demonstration at Equitana, Germany 2013


Respiratory Sysrem
The Respiratory Tract
Anatomy Poster Book Volume 2

Digestive Anatomy & Movement Demo
at Equitana, Germany 2013

Gillian Higgins and Horses Inside Out

Digestive Health
Horses Inside Out


Click Here to see pictures of Gillian's Musculo-Skeletal Assessments and Equine Therapy



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