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  • Gillian explaining the importance of equine posture.
  • Matt Frost riding AMD Rosso at a lecture demonstration with Gillian Higgins.
  • Saddle fit plays an important role in maintaining back health.
  • The biomechanics of jumping.
  • Gillian Higgins with Furst Edition painted with his skeleton.
  • Appreciating how muscles work is key to training horses!
  • Understanding anatomy is key to injury prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Jumping from an anatomical approach!
  • Muscles made simple with Gillian's system of painting and teaching!
  • The bare bones of equine back posture.
  • Be your horse's personal trainer.
  • Studying anatomy can help to improve the way we ride.
  • Filming with Liza Tarbuck at the BBC Studios.
  • Sliding western halt demonstrates an extreme range of movement.
  • Let your horse feel the benefits - Massage day course for horse owners.
  • The anatomy of equine pregnancy and the unborn foal.
  • Positioning of the neck is key to good posture and performance.
  • And now for something completely different - Dogs Inside Out.
  • Rider fitness, posture and position all influence performance.
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