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The Model Scapula

Model ScapulaProduct Description

This is a tough durable plastic model of a horse’s scapula (shoulder blade) and scapular cartilage. It is modelled to the size of a 16h2 horse. This model is ideal for saddle fitters, saddle fitters, therapists and coaching wishing demonstrate points about the scapula in relation to saddle fit, management and training.


To illustrate:-

  • the shape and size of the horses shoulder blade
  • the cartilaginous part of the scapula
  • the positioning of the shoulder blade




  • how the scapula lies against the chest wall
  • how the scapula moves as the horses uses his leg
  • how the angle and conformation of the shoulder  affects movement of the forelimb
  • there is no bony attachment to the rest of the spine
  • that the shoulder is attached to the skeleton by connective tissue attachment only
  • how the shoulder allows movement to occur

The model scapula can demonstrate:-

  • how a well fitted saddle should sit in relation to the scapula
  • how a badly fitting saddle may affect the movement patterns of the forelimb
  • that old style tree points may restrict the shoulder blade.

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